Calling Health Tech Startups of New York City

Dear Startup Team,

Thank you for your courage to lead a venture into the unknown.

Thank you for being brave enough to test a hypothesis that could improve a complex healthcare system, enhance millions of lives, or better yet, save them.

We know the road you've chosen isn't easy.

The system is complex. The technology is experimental. The industry is vast. The players are many.

And even when your technology works perfectly, getting people to like it and use it is a hurdle all on its own.

To top it off, you chose to do it all in New York City; one of the most diverse, dynamic, and competitive business environments in the world. But that also makes it one poised to make the biggest impact and to support you in rapidly scaling your breakthroughs to practitioners and patients globally.

You're not in this alone. The New York City Economic Development Corporation and HITLAB are teaming up to help.

In a pilot study with real end users, you can gather precious, real-market feedback to help you scale or pivot your technology and make the biggest difference as fast as possible.

This is the Digital Health Breakthrough Network.

Twice annually in the Network, the experienced researchers at NYCEDC and HITLAB select a Batch of up to four early-stage startups that will have their technologies stressed, tested, and validated in rigorous pilot studies. In collaboration with Network Members, these pilots happen inside the very clinics, institutions, and industry settings you hope to serve. Such pilots can provide you with valuable feedback and prepare you for early customers and investors.

Applications for the Spring 2016 Batch are accepted February 17 - March 31, 2016.

With years of experience working with global health organizations, New York's premier health institutions, and dozens upon dozens of health tech startups, NYCEDC and HITLAB are strongly positioned to accelerate your work.

We again acknowledge you for the important work you are doing, and thank you for choosing New York City as your home.

Good luck! We look forward to reviewing your application,

The Digital Health Breakthrough Network

P.S. Questions? Email us or @AskDHBN.

P.P.S. If Spring 2016 isn't the time for your team to apply, get notified about Fall 2016 Batch applications by submitting your email to receive Network Updates at the bottom of this page.